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Benchmark SSD Computer Speed ​​Check is free software that checks how fast the SSD is. The utility checks how fast Solid State Drive can read or write 1 GB data and 4 KB blocks. Allows you to specify any problems your system may develop, new (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); It is important to test how fast your computer is, especially if you want to optimize it. You need to know where the problem is and how to fix it. With AS SSD you can check the performance of your hard drive. The main problem is that you need to know if your hardware is suitable for running this program. It’s also good to know that this benchmark program can potentially slow down your hard drive in the long run if you use it too often. What is an SSD? The United States is specifically concerned with the AGC, also known as the Solid State Hard Drive. The hardware is a new development that is gradually replacing the old form of HDD. They differ in many ways, but the most important thing is how they store data. This new drive works just like a USB drive. The hard drive must look for information based on a rotating disk while the SSD uses a memory chip. This new approach makes it easier to retrieve and remove information. How can I check my SSD performance? To check your HD performance, you can use programs like AS SSD Benchmark. Since Solid State is slightly different from the old type, it is important to change the test method. To determine the performance of your computer system, you need to run tests until you get the same results over and over again. This may take hours to get a complete picture. Most programs, such as CrystalDiskMark, check for volume to determine how quickly a computer can read / write a few GB. What is the US SSD benchmark? AS Test your SSD to get a benchmark for your computer’s performance and to show you the performance of your PC. In contrast to CrystalDiskMark, more than just volume tests are performed here. First, check how quickly your computer can write 1 GB of information and then read it. Then he did a 4k test, randomly selecting 4 kilobytes. It can then distribute KB to 64 threads for further testing. After performing another operation, he collected all of this. It lists Sequential (Seq), 4k, 4k-64 and Acc-time. These numbers are converted into final results that can easily be compared to previous or other computers. It only checks how well the computer copies large databases and accesses smaller ones. It works with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista. The program was developed by Alexej Schepeljanski in German and has now been translated into English. What is a good SSD benchmark? The higher the number, the better your computer. A high Seq number means that your computer can load large files faster. The better the 4k number, the faster the hard drive can load small programs. Overall, a good score should be over a thousand; no score is too high, but when it reaches around 5000, you know that something is incomparable to your computer reader. What alternativesare there for US SSDs? CystalDiskMark is one of the best options. It has less flexibility than it can test because it works with all types of drivers. It doesn’t run as many tests as the US SSD benchmark, and it doesn’t have the same features as the user interface. With the ATTO hard drive, you can flexibly determine how the process works and test different file sizes. Overall, there is a better picture. The results are shown in detailed graphics. As in the United States, highly compressed data is tested that gives better results. HD Tune Pro offers a variety of tools. While this is not as good as others when testing speed, it does allow you to erase data from your hard drive. The user interface is nothing compared to the others, but it brings many people to the table who don’t care about the specifics of their PC. For developers and computer technicians, however, this mobile program is great. There is the right value without being too complicated. If you need to test PVA, the United States is a good choice. With the latest updates, the sectors DBA and NVme 4k can be managed. The accuracy increases with faster drivers. Now it has to be clean. Template to run.

AS SSD Benchmark

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