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ISumsoft Cloner is a secure and reliable system / partition cloning software that allows you to precisely copy, backup and restore your Windows operating system or hard drive partition. This software allows you to perfectly clone your system or partition from one hard drive to another, from the hard drive to the SSD or from one computer to another, without losing data. 100% safe, clean and easy to use.

Copy the Windows operating system to another SSD / HDD disk without reinstalling it.

Back up the system / partition and restore it to the hard drive / SSD without losing data.

It can be used to create a WinPE boot disk that can be used to clone, backup and restore your system / partition without logging on to Windows.

Clone the Windows operating system on HDD / SSD

Copy: Thoroughly copy the Windows operating system from one computer hard drive to another hard drive / hard drive / solid state drive. The copied Windows operating system works perfectly without reinstalling.

Restore backup: Back up the Windows operating system to an archive file and restore the backup file to any hard drive with sufficient storage if needed. Restoring the Windows operating system works well on the hard drive.

Protect yourself from data loss

With iSumsoft Cloner, you can copy the contents of the entire partition to another hard drive, e.g. B. from the hard drive to the SSD without losing data. In addition, you can backup the entire partition in an archive file to HDD / SDD and restore the backup file if needed. It protects you from data loss in the event of a system crash, a Windows upgrade, a hard drive change, or other unexpected situations.

ISumsoft Cloner 3

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